Music is a Healer: Play your Own Tunes to Better Health

Music is a healer. Listening to music can help improve your workout, cure memory loss, act as a motivation driver, improve sleep quality and increase happiness. 

Improve your workout

Listening to music can better your workout because music increases your stamina, boosts your attitude, and distracts you from uneasiness faced in your training. Additionally, the best music during your workout is high temp and heavy bass music such as Dance, Pop and Hip Hop Music.

Cures Memory Loss

For a lot of people suffering from memory loss the verbal language has become meaningless. Furthermore, Music can help such people reconnect with their memories. The part of the brain that processes music is located right next to memory.

Motivation Driver

Music is a great motivation booster due to its ability to engage the sympathetic nervous system (SNS). Moreover, The SNS elicits an adrenalin rush experienced while listening to music. The adrenalin rush improves performance, accelerates breathing, and increases focus

Improve Sleep Quality

Listening to classical and traditional folk music has proven to improve sleep quality and to assist in curing insomnia among adults

Increase Happiness & Stress Reduction

Listening to music has a healthy effect on blood vessel function that increases happiness. Moreover, music activates biochemical stress reducers that assist to relieve stress among adults