How not to ruin your Liver?

Keep your Liver Healthy! Liver is the most important and hardest working organ in your body because it performs hundreds of functions; therefore, it is necessary to keep your liver healthy.

Hidoc recommends the following ways to strengthen your liver:

Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet helps you to maintain your weight that  prevents you from fatty liver disease.

Drink plenty of lemon water

Water is important to the natural detox system because it removes toxins from your body. Citric acid in lemon juice produce bile, which is another method your body uses to excrete toxins.

Exercise regularly

Fatty livers is one of the fastest growing forms of liver disease. Exercise can play an important role in reducing liver fat.

Get enough minerals

Make sure you are eating enough mineral rich foods because minerals play a vital role in the the liver detoxification process. Important minerals for liver detoxification consists calcium, potassium, sodium, copper, iron and so on.

Avoid Alcohol

Drinking alcohol is related to a quicker progression of liver disease. Alcohol is toxic to the liver.

Avoid certain medicines

Certain medicines for cholesterol can have side effects that can cause liver problems. For example: The painkiller Tylenol can hurt your liver if taken in unacceptable quantities.

Avoid viral Hepatitis

Hepatitis can severely harm your liver. Avoid Hepatitis A by avoiding water and food in places in which a hepatitis outbreak has been reported. Moreover, Hepatitis B can be avoided by avoiding to share items such as razors, blades, clothes among other things.

Drink Coffee

Studies have shown that coffee lowers the risk of liver disease. Two cups of coffee are recommended to help lower the risk of liver disease. However, more studies on this subject are yet to be seen.

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