Current state of Diabetes in India

The Problem of Diabetes All over the World

Diabetes, a major lifestyle disease is definitely the most challenging public health problem of 21st century. The current state of Diabetes in India is catastrophic. Diabetes is a potential epidemic. In India more than 69 million individuals currently diagnosed with it.

In 2000, India had the highest number of people with diabetes. India was followed by China and the United States.

Why is Diabetes such a big problem in India?

India is also known as capital of Diabetes in the world. Moreover, it is forecasted that by 2030 diabetes in the world may increase by 100%. The number would increase to 830 million from the current 415 million.

At the current rate by 2030 India would have 135 million Diabetics. Additionally, India faces a insecure future due to Diabetes. Additionally, it has resulted in a potential burden upon the country.

Furthermore, the sugar disease is poising a huge health problem to the country, as it is a country having the highest number of diabetic patients in the world. According to WHO, a predicted 3.4 million deaths are caused due to high blood sugar.

Moreover, The current scenario of diabetes in India is likely to worsen in the coming decade. The greatest number of people suffering with diabetes are between 40 to 59 years of age.

Diabetes is reaching doubtless epidemic proportions in India. The constant migration of people from rural to urban areas, the economic boom, and corresponding change in lifestyle. These all areĀ  affecting the level of Diabetes in the country.