Diabetes advice for your Patients

We talk about Diabetes advice that results in controlling obesity, high blood pressure, uncontrolled Sugar Intake, and poor diet and lifestyle choices. We recommend to always, discuss with your Doctor about the best way to manage your diet to stay healthy. Diabetes affects every part of the body; therefore, it requires constant attention. Each person diagnosed with Diabetes has different needs. It is very important to control Diabetes.

We recommend below the various ways you can control Diabetes:

Eat Healthy Food

Foods containing sugar and carbohydrates can raise blood sugar to a level above normal. Make sure you stick to a diet that is low in fat, salt and sugar and high in fiber and protein. Mostly, eat healthy, fresh food. Do not eat excessive amount of foods at a time. Doing so would help you keep your blood sugar within range.

It is important to maintain your weight and intake a well balanced diet. Moreover, it has been observed people suffering from Type 2 diabetes have a tendency to stop taking medicines once they lose weight. Hence, losing weight is a sign of improvement but not a sign to stop taking your medicines.

Check Blood Sugar

Try to keep your blood sugar level normal i.e, 70-99 mg/dl. If you find that the blood sugar levels are not within the range try to get your blood sugar within range back by following the steps below:

  • Control Carbohydrate Intake
  • Drink Water and Stay Hydrated
  • Get Enough Sleep

Checking your blood sugar regularly will help you and your doctor understand the efficacy of  your diet, exercise and medicines. Assist your doctor to set your blood sugar level goals by maintaining records of your readings. These readings will assist your doctor to note changes and track inconsistencies.


Daily exercise is a must for people diagnosed with diabetes. It improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure. Exercise helps burn extra fat assisting you to keep your weight in check. Consider exercises such as walking, swimming and yoga for at-least 30 minutes a day.

Regular Checkups

Regular checkups are an extremely important part of Diabetes care. These checkups include blood pressure, foot and weight check. It is recommended that you conduct these checkups on a monthly basis.

No Sugar

No Sugar foods is your best choice as a Diabetic. If you are fond of sweets you must count the total grams of carbohydrates in sweet as part of your total carbohydrates allowance for the day. Moreover, it is important to consider the total calories in sweet foods because calories can lead to weight gain. Weight gain makes it difficult to control blood sugar levels leading to Diabetes.

Moderate Alcohol Intake

Intake of alcohol may cause blood sugar to either rise or fall because of the high calories present in alcohol; therefore, try to avoid alcohol, if not indulge in moderate quantities.