Amazing Benefits of Cabbage

Cabbage is a very common and popular green, leafy and low-calorie vegetable. It is available for the entire year. Moreover, this vegetable forms a healthy diet and has many other benefits such as reducing Alzheimer risk, healing properties, assisting in digestion, anti-inflammation, and better circulation.

Benefits of Consuming Cabbage:

Reduces Alzheimer Risk

Vitamin K and anthocyanins are widely found in this vegetable that help with mental function and concentration. These nutrients prevent Alzheimer risk. Vitamin K and anthocyanins are high especially in red cabbage.

Heals Skin

It has good skin healing properties. This vegetable processed in a blender can be used as a dressing. It is effective in healing skin explosion such as rash, wounds and insect’s bite. Additionally, people can crush it’s leaves and directly apply to the affected areas.

Assists Digestion

The fiber and water contained in the this vegetable helps to maintain healthy digestion. Eating fiber helps regularity, which is important for the daily excretion of toxins through the bile.


Red cabbage has natural pigments such as Betalains that consist of powerful anti-inflammatory properties. Moreover, it is very rich in amino acids that helps to fight inflammation.

Better Circulation

Including cabbage in the diet can be extremely beneficial for the heart. It contains calcium and potassium, that regulates blood pressure. This vegetable contains very low sodium level that is good for maintaining blood pressure in the cardiac system.

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