Eggplant (Baingan): The Healthiest Vegetable

Eggplant is a long and skinny vegetable, purple in color. It is available throughout the year in the market, but they are best eaten between August to October. This vegetable is the best source of dietary fiber, Vitamin B1, and copper.

Eggplant has numerous benefits such as:

Healthy Metabolism

It is rich in Vitamin B. Vitamin B1 helps to convert carbohydrates in glucose, that is needed by the body to run metabolism smoothly. Moreover, Vitamin B helps to breakdown proteins and fats, and helps to produce red blood cells that increases energy levels.

Treating Headaches

Generally, Niacin and Vitamin B3 are used for treating headaches varying from mild to severe migraines. Eggplant is used to prevent premenstrual headaches. Vitamin B2 can deal with painful and serious migraine attacks.

Reduces Allergies

It contains chlorogenic acid that is effective to reduce allergic symptoms and minimize effects that allergies might cause. Intake of Vitamin A lowers the risk of food allergies.

Balanced Blood Cholesterol

To stay healthy, it’s necessary to balance cholesterol levels. Eggplant has antioxidants that helps to balance blood cholesterol levels. Vitamin E can fight cholesterol oxidation. Eggplant juice helps to decrease weight, and blood cholesterol levels.

Prosperous Pregnancy

Folates or Folic acids are essential to any diet, but especially beneficial for pregnant women. Folates protect infants from neural tube defects. Hence, Eggplant is the best for the pregnant women and very good for the health of the developing fetus.

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