Why Bottle Gourd (Dudhi) is healthy?

Bottle Gourd is a vegetable with a smooth and waxy green surface along with a white spongy pulp. It is also known as Lauki and Dudhi in respective regional languages. This vegetable contains almost 96% of water; therefore, it is perfect for juice extraction.

Bottle gourd has multiple health benefits such as:

Provides Cooling Effect

It is rich in water, that helps to keep the body cool. This vegetable is a highly-recommended vegetable in the summer to prevent dehydration. It helps to keep the stomach cool and reduces body heat.

Treats Urinary Problems

Drinking Bottle Gourd juice mixed with Lime helps to treat the urinary infections. Ayurveda recommends this vegetables juice to reduce inflammation of the liver.

Refills Loss of Water

Bottle Gourd juice is best for the people suffering from health issues such as profuse sweating, fatigue or diarrhea. This juice helps to control thirst as well as replaces lost water.

Relieve Stress

It has a good amount of choline that helps in improving the functions of the brain. It helps prevent stress, depression and other mental disorders.

Best Post Workout Drink

Bottle Gourd is rich in proteins and other nutrients. It consists of natural sugars that help to restore glucose levels and carbohydrates lost during workout.

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