How does Rickettsiae Spread?

29 May 2017 Hidoc Dr. 0

The Rickettsiae are a various group of bacteria that can be transmitted to humans through the bites of blood-sucking arthropods such as fleas, lice, ticks or mites.

Why do you need Vitamin C?

26 May 2017 Hidoc Dr. 1

Hidoc recommends Vitamin C because it assists in reducing the risk of Diabetes, lowering the risk of Heart Disease, Healing Wounds, treating the common cold and maintaining healthy hair and skin.

Advice to Prevent Dengue

26 May 2017 Hidoc Dr. 2

Dengue is one of the most common diseases caused by Aedes mosquito during the monsoons. Dengue doesn’t spread from person to person. The best way of prevention is to avoid bitten by mosquitoes.

Can Delicious Bakery Foods be Healthy Foods?

24 May 2017 Hidoc Dr. 0

No need to avoid bakery if you watch what you eat. You have many healthy options to eat at the bakery. It all depends on whether you make a smart (healthy) choices when it comes to Cookies, Cakes, Donuts and Bread.

All you want to know about Vitamin B

22 May 2017 Hidoc Dr. 0

Consuming the recommended vitamins every day is very important. Vitamin B is important for proper functioning of almost every process (prevents memory loss, the growth of red blood cells, strengthens the immune system) of the body.