5 Health Benefits of Oranges

Oranges are delicious and a juicy fruit. They are low in calories and full of nutrients. This fruit is available in the market for the entire year. Eating oranges improves hair and skin, and assists in lowering the risk of many diseases.

Oranges have many health benefits such as Improving Vision, Fighting Viral Infections, refining digestion, improving Blood Circulation, and stimulates hair growth.

Improves Vision

They are rich in carotenoid compounds (Vitamin A). Carotenoid helps prevent macular degeneration. This fruit is very good for vision and allow eyes to absorb light. Vitamin A helps to keep eyes healthy.

Fights Viral Infections

Abundance of polyphenols present in Orange protects against viral infections. They are good source of Vitamin A that improves immunity and helps to fight viral infections.

Refines Digestion

Consuming orange is an easy way to obtain fiber necessary for the body to refine digestion. One Orange contains about 12% fiber. Consumption of high fiber prevents gastrointestinal problems.

Improves Blood Circulation

They are rich in Vitamin C that improve blood circulation. This fruit help stimulate healthy blood circulation. Orange peels help fight nervousness and stress.

Stimulates Hair Growth

Vitamin C and bio-flavonoids present in Orange helps in circulation to the scalp that promotes hair growth. Moreover, Oranges contains folic acid that is important for hair growth. Vitamin B present in Oranges prevents hair loss.