Side effects of consuming Butter

Butter is a dairy product that contains up to 80% butterfat. Most of us are aware of the side effects of it but we ignore them as we enjoy eating this. Even though it is a good source of energy, over consumption of it is unhealthy and dangerous. Hence avoid it from diet to ignore serious health hazards.

The Common side effects of consuming Butter are:

Cardiovascular Disorders

It is a rich source of saturated fats that unfavorably affects the heart. Cardiac arrest is one of the major negative effect of consuming it in excess.


As it is a rich source of saturated fats, it gets deposited in the form of bad cholesterol in the body. Regular consumption of it increases cholesterol levels in the body that may increase the risk of cancers.


Obesity is a major health ailment that gives rise to several body disorders. Extreme intake of this dairy product results into obesity. Hence, restrict it or include it in a healthy way to avoid unnecessary weight gain.

Tips on Consuming

  • Intake of it depends on the health of each person. While consuming this dairy product it is must to eat it in moderation
  • It is important to eat quality butter. Organic butter is more beneficial than the commercially produced one
  • Hidoc recommends that not more than two tablespoons of butter a day are required for a healthy and fit person