ZIKA Virus Outbreak: 3 Confirmed Cases

The WHO Confirmed its first 3 cases of Zika Virus Outbreak in India in the Bapunagar area in Ahmedabad.

The cases were observed in the city of Ahmedabad. The last case (34-Year-old Female Post Delivery), as stated by the health ministry, was discovered through a routine laboratory test conducted at B.J. Medical College in Ahmedabad.

Based on a report in India Express the three positive cases of Zika Include:

Case 1:

Infection date between Feb 10 to 16. A 64-Year Old Male presenting for febrile illness of 8 days (negative dengue infection) was found to be tested of Zika Illness. It was the first case reported through Acute Febrile Illness at BJMC in Ahmedabad.

Case 2:

Infection date between Jan 6 to 12. A 22-year pregnant lady has been tested positive for Zika Virus.

Case 3:

Infection date between Nov 9 to 16. A 34-year-old female post-delivery developed low-grade fever and tested negative for dengue but positive for Zika virus. Moreover, no travel was reported at-least for 3 months before the virus infection.

Furthermore, on May 24, the Gujrat government launched an initiative known as free Gujrat from Malaria by 2022 that aims to eradicate Dengue, Chikungunya, and Malaria from Gujrat.

We advise pregnant mothers to be careful as Zika can spread easily. Moreover, Zika is known to cause underdevelopment of the brain in new-born children when mothers infected with the virus.

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