How Typhoid Fever Spreads?

Typhoid Fever is the severe illness related to fever caused by the Salmonella Typhi bacteria. Moreover, Typhoid Fever spreads all over the body affecting multiple organs. Additionally, it is also known as enteric fever.

How Does Typhoid Spread?

Typhoid is usually caused by eating or drinking contaminated food or water, and by poor sanitation. The Salmonella Typhi bacteria is present in the faeces and urine of an infected person. The bacteria are generally spread for a few days before any symptoms develop.

Moreover, in situations in which people do not wash their hands properly, Typhoid bacteria can be transferred through food or water from one person to another person. Additionally, Typhoid can be spread directly from one to another through contact.

Some other ways Typhoid fever can be spread.

  • Poor sanitation, and infected human waste that pollutes the water supply.
  • Touching the mouth after using a contaminated toilet
  • Consuming contaminated milk products
  • Intake of raw vegetables that are fertilized with human waste
  • Eating seafood from a contaminated water source

Typhoid Carriers

Even after treatment, a few infected people become a carriers of Salmonella Typhi. In such situations, the bacteria will continue to live in the carrier’s body that spreads infection through faeces and urine. The carrier does not have any noticeable symptoms. These people are called as chronic carriers. Moreover, they become the source of outbreaks of typhoid fever for many coming years.

Who’s Affected?

Typhoid fever is most common in the areas that have poor sanitation and inadequate access to clean water. Typhoid is common in developing countries. Generally, Typhoid is curable, but if untreated around 10% to 16% of people infected with Typhoid will die. This can be less than 1% if people are treated on time.

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