Too Busy to Work Out? 5 ways to Exercise when you have no Time!

One of the biggest reason people don’t exercise is the lack of time. Although regular exercise has many health benefits (Read More), busy schedules may make it seem impossible to fit in workouts. Exercise is a part of the daily routine that helps you get better sleep, get in better shape, decrease stress and improve your mood.

Here is a great solution to fit exercise into your busy schedule:

Turn Travel into Workout

There are ways to include exercise into every type of travel. If the workplace is nearby, consider speed walking, jogging or cycling instead of driving or taking public transportation. Moreover, if your workplace is far away, consider parking your vehicle at a distance from your destination and prefer walking rest of the way.

Take the Stairs

If you have an option, always prefer to take the stairs over the elevator. Parking on the upper level and running the stairs on your way down is the best way to exercise. Favoring the stairs over the elevator can improve the health of your Heart in the long run.

Pace while talking on Phone

Most of us spend most of our time sitting while working at the office. There exists an opportunity to stand up and move around while talking on the mobile phone. Each extra step is an advantage to lose some extra calories and provide a break for your back muscles.

Stretch at Regular Intervals

The view of stretching at the work desk may look awkward, but stretching does not mean doing squats at the work desk! There are many stretches that can be done at regular intervals throughout the day. Stretches such as leg extensions, shrugging shoulders, circling wrists and hands, and standing up and sitting down several times can provide immense benefits.

Do the Household Tasks

If the household tasks are a part of your busy schedule, don’t miss their benefits. Most household tasks include some physical activities. Gardening and cleaning can be effective in overall body and muscle development. Moreover, laundry and scrubbing the floor can be a great workout opportunity.

Don’t find the time to exercise, Make the time to exercise!

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