Say Goodbye to Monsoon Illness with these Healthy Precautions!

Monsoon is a time of eagerness, exciting and greenery. Monsoon is a desired change from the sweating summer heat, but it carries various unwelcome guests such as germs, fever, and insects that must be avoided at all costs.

Drink clean water

In the rainy season, the body especially the digestive system is prone to infections. You should consume boiled or filtered water as most of the diseases caused in the rainy season are water-borne. (Read more)

Don’t walk bare feet in the rain

Clogged gutters and dirty puddles are the main sources of water-borne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, influenza, and fungal skin infections. It is appealing to walk in the rain water but rain water makes you prone to several viral diseases and causes several fungal infections on the feet, and in between toes and nails.

Keep mosquitoes away

The mosquito population rises during the rainy season because of stagnant water, the best breeding ground for mosquitoes. To keep mosquitoes out clean the house and stay away from stagnant water. Avoid mosquitoes as much as possible to prevent various infectious disease such as Dengue (Read More).

Home Repairs

Check your house properly before the beginning of the monsoon season. Check the roof and terrace if there are any leakage and cracks. Moreover, sometimes clean the rainwater pipes to confirm smooth drainage of rain water. Additionally, replace the damaged or rusted drain pipes immediately.

Wash your hands

Bacteria and viruses become active during the rainy season. You can easily encounter these bacteria and viruses by sitting on an infected bench or by crossing the road. Wash your hands frequently with soap and warm water; especially, before meals and after using the washroom.

Avoid eating street food

The monsoon is when you must stay away from street food. Food cooked and sold in the open are likely to come across airborne and waterborne diseases. Prefer eating fresh and home cooked food.

Carry essential accessories

Always carry a raincoat or an umbrella to protect yourself from getting wet in the rains. If you get wet in the rains, change your clothes as soon as possible and wash your hands and legs once you reach your destination.

Avoid touching your face

The flu virus usually enters the body through eyes, nose, and mouth. Refrain from touching your face or scratching your skin, particularly with dirty hands.

Room Temperature

Avoid using the air conditioners or coolers in the rainy season. It can increase the chances of catching a cold or a cough.

Enjoy the rains and have fun with simple precautions. Happy Monsoons!