6 New Medical Technologies that will make you stronger than Baahubali!

It’s time to list the 6 major developed medical technologies that will influence health care and medicine.

Anti-Bleeding Gel

Landolina and Isaac Miller accidentally stumbled upon the anti-bleeding gel that creates a synthetic coat over your wounds. Moreover, the cover is a natural substance that helps cells in the body grow together. Currently, tests have been performed on rats and pigs and it is shown to work effectively. Both Landolina and Isaac see the application of the gel in combat zones. [See Video Here]

Artificial Cell Imitation

A special material can now be applied to wounded cells that allow fluids to pass through the cells but does not allow bacteria to pass through them. The material will take the place of the cytoskeletons cells. Moreover, when applied to a wound it takes the place of the cell that was lost or damaged. The material is 7.5 billionths of a millimeter wide or in other words 4 to 5 times of DNA Helix. [Read more Here]

Electric Underwear

Bed sores, open wounds formed by lack of circulation and compressed skin, are a major problem in hospitals today. Bed sores usually occur because a patient in the hospital is lying without any motion in one place. An Electric underwear regularly passes currents every 10 minutes to create an artificial sense of motion that prevents bed sores. [Read more Here]

Bone Replacement

Today, when a bone is broken, it must be replaced by a cast till the bone naturally heals itself. Not anymore! Researchers at the Washington State University have developed a hybrid material that has the same properties as the real bone such as strength and flexibility. The hybrid material is 3D printed on a Pro Metal 3D printer. Once cast, the material temporarily replaces the broken real bone. Moreover, when the real bone has grown back the material disintegrates. [Read more Here]

Brain Trauma Recovery

The tongue is a gateway to the multiple parts of the body, but most importantly the tongue send multiple signals to the brain. A device known as PoNS sends signals to the brain that are accompanied by physical, occupational, and cognitive exercises based on patient’s shortfalls. The PoNS device is fixed on the tongue. The device is used by the patient to regain organizational ability and to regain neural control. It has been found to be extremely effective across multiple patients using the device currently. [Read more Here]

Electric Aspirin

People that suffer from migraines, cluster headaches, and other chronic head pain paracetamol tablets are not effective. A new electric sensor has been developed to be placed in the head at the site of the headache. The sensor blocks Sphenopalatine Ganglion (SPG) signals on the first sign of a headache providing complete relief against pain causing neurotransmitters. [Read more Here]

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