Why Doctor is a representative of Lord Almighty (God)?

An old proverb in India, “Doctor is the second God on Earth”. Yes, Doctors are equated to God on Earth in India since the Vedic times. These believes are prevalent today even after the modern medicine has replaced Vedic medical literature. No other profession has the same status as that of the Medical Doctor. The Medical profession is one of the most honorable professions in the country.

Why are Doctors called representatives of God?

A common man’s view of God is a force that can do and undo anything. Moreover, the common man believes for God nothing is impossible. God’s decision cannot be challenged; God provides immediate relief and disables desolation.

We list the qualities below that equate a Doctor as a representative of Lord Almighty (God):

Doctors treat Equally!

Doctors, like God, remove the miseries and save lives of people irrespective of illness, caste, religion, and status. Moreover, they never consider it too late to heal a person from his or her problems.

Doctors eliminate Fears!

In moments in which people are afraid of financial stability, they think of God. Similarly, patients remember Doctors when they are faced with medical adversity.

Doctors Heal!

At the time of despair, patients are anxious about the fact whether the Doctor can heal and help them overcome their sickness. Additionally, Doctors in every way try their level best to heal a patient irrespective of the patient’s medical condition.

Doctors have enormous Shoulders!

In many instances, Doctors are bestowed with enormous trust by a patient. Additionally, Doctors use their understanding of the patients’ mind, body, and soul to cure the patient of his or her sickness.

Doctors overlook Borders!

Doctors have known to travel to troubled regions with war and refugees to make an impact on people’s lives. Furthermore, Doctors are motivated to cure patients. Moreover, they are only influenced when a patient completely recovers from illness.

Doctors are free from Wicked and Evil!

In many instances, Doctors are blamed for the loss of patient lives. However, they by nature are inspired to provide the best of care to their patients. Additionally, Carelessness does not exist in a Doctor’s vocabulary.

Doctors work 24*7!

Every patient is an emergency in a Doctors life. No matter the time of the day or the day of the week; they are always serving their patients. Almost all of them work during vacations, personal commitments, and other professional obligations.

Doctors are beaming with Positivity!

Doctors are the light of God, beaming with positivity. Never will you ever hear that their shoulders are sulk or a negative comment about a patient. Furthermore, they provide the most inspiring advice to their patients.

Doctors Love & Love More!

Doctors are concerned with a person’s troubles and have a desire to help every patient under their care. They never abandon a patient! Moreover, they will help a patient as long as the patient wants to be helped. They know, feel and act and care like a mother to all their patients.

Respect Doctors because they sacrifice their lives and make our lives cheerful!