What do Doctors love to do when not at work?

Everyone must have hobbies that help keep your brain working when not at work. Doctors, spend long hours at their workplace. Many Doctors say they don’t have any hobbies because they don’t much time to pursue any hobby.

However, sometimes, Doctors simply want to get their mind off work. Hobbies are one of the great ways to release stress and re-energize Doctors for a refreshing day at work. Hobbies are one of the ways to pursue other interests apart from your job, and sometimes it helps Doctors gain insights into new skills. Moreover, it’s important for Doctors to have hobbies to experience growth and success outside of the medical profession.

Doctors are available for us 24*7, but does it ever cross our mind about what our Doctors love to do when they are not at work?

Spending time with Family and Friends

Doctors sacrifice their time with their friends and family due to the nature of their profession. They have missed out numerous valuable moments and milestones in their lives. One example is those times, when Doctors turn down dinner invitations to care for a patient. Hence, Doctors love to spend some time with family and friends in their free time. Time spent can be as simple as lunch, dinner or a walk.

Painting and Music

Painting and music are considered as ideal hobbies for Doctors. These hobbies involve imagination, innovation, and creativity that are best suited to the medical profession. Music and painting help Doctors release stress, improve concentration and enhance memory functions.


There is something about reading that just can’t be described. Doctors love reading because it helps them forget about troubles or stress in their lives and transfers them into the world that is different from theirs. Moreover, reading helps Doctors gain more knowledge and experiences, and makes them more imaginative.


Sports or exercises such as walking, hiking, and cycling are outdoor hobbies Doctors appreciate. These are very healthy and Doctors feel it should be a part of their daily routine to stay fit. Sports is a very productive hobby because it has many benefits such as mental fitness, and increased self-confidence Moreover, Sports are a great way for Doctors to have fun, and helps them associate with people outside of their profession.


Travelling to distant lands, tourism, and cruising is exciting. However, travel by Doctors is undertaken occasionally. Travelling is an interesting and informative hobby. Travelling helps to learn new things, cultures and opens Doctors up to the world. Travelling relaxes a Doctor’s stressed mind, helps make new friends, and most importantly provides them with freedom from their daily routines.

This list is not exhaustive because Doctors would love to do other activities such as writing, dancing, cooking, and photography.