What it looks like to be a Doctor across various professions?

Being a Doctor and having the responsibility of many lives is stressful and exhausting. What is a typical day in a physician’s life? Well, there is no such thing as an ordinary day because each day is different. A day in a Doctor’s life begins with visiting and handling patients. Additionally, most Doctors are often associated with numerous hospitals.

There are many specializations in the Doctors profession; hence it is natural that their day can’t be the same. Hidoc brings to you a day in the life of various professional Doctors:

Army Doctor

The work of the Doctors is the same everywhere, but work for Army Doctors is unique as it involves a lot of travel. Army Doctors enjoy working in a variety of locations, from well-equipped clinics to field hospitals on deployments. Army Doctors work includes looking up their patients, signing various documents (army has documentation for everything), prescriptions, assisting senior Doctors or officers, and morning and evening rounds.

Sports Doctor

Sports Doctors are responsible for identifying and treating illnesses affecting the musculoskeletal system, including bones, joints, and muscles. These Doctors often work with multiple teams; hence their working hours also vary. Moreover, Doctors working with a sports team perform physical examinations of athletes on a regular basis.

Medical Professor

Professors in medical colleges begin their day with visiting the college, labs, meeting their students, and other staff members in their teams. Along with teaching at universities, these Doctors attend and conduct seminars. In the evening professors visit their private clinics or work at hospitals after they have completed their faculty hours.

Village Doctor

Rural communities are small, and there are fewer Doctors available in these areas. As there are fewer Doctors, the Doctor’s workload is tiring. Rural Doctors work for longer hours and diagnose a higher number of patients. It’s very common for a rural Doctor to diagnose around 100 patients each day. Moreover, these Doctors have hospital visits scheduled 24*7 as there are fewer Doctors in these areas.

City Doctor

Nearly 80% of Doctors are in urban areas. Doctors in the towns don’t have a typical day. They usually begin the day with rounds at the hospital and addressing the emergencies. Moreover, after the 2 to 3 hours of rounds, these Doctors have patient appointments in their private clinics. In the clinics, these Doctors attend sick patients and prescribe medicines.

However, a day of a Doctor in an urban area is not as easy as it sounds. They are regularly interrupted by telephone calls from the hospital to discuss the on-going cases of their patients. A regular day may not end before 10 to 11 hours of work.

That’s pretty much about a day in Doctor’s life. It’s difficult to describe one day because each day is diverse for every Doctor.