What are the Qualities of an Exceptional Doctor?

After speaking with many Doctors Hidoc brings to you the qualities it takes to be an exceptional Doctor:

Listen to Patients

An exceptional Doctor is one that has developed skills to assist patients to organise their thoughts and listen to them. Moreover, Doctors need to have a listening ear to a patient’s symptoms and complications.

Communicate Effectively

Clear and consistent communication with patients, staff, relatives, managers, peers, dignitaries and peers puts everyone at ease. Additionally, speaking with patients about issues that may improve his or her mental fitness (such as work or personal life) would add additional care from Doctors. Such care from Doctors would put the patient at ease.

Keep up with relevant skills

Doctors learn a lot on the job; however, it’s necessary for a good Doctor to stay one step ahead by learning from journals, magazines, conferences, and books. Additionally, Doctors learn from reading relevant Medical News and thoughtful Health Tips at Hidoc.

Openness to refer patients

It’s always beneficial for Doctors to refer patients to other Doctors for further diagnosis. Moreover, a patient could benefit when referred to a senior Doctor, or one in another speciality such as Ayurveda and Homeopathy.

Deal with uncertainty

Almost all the time Doctors are dealt with uncertainty in which they must work off protocol. For example: In situations in which Doctors are faced whether to prescribe a medicine to cure a current condition that could worsen a pre-existing condition is extremely complex to deal with. Due to these risks, it’s advisable Doctors always take responsibility and know for certain that the final decision is always theirs.

Calmness and Reassurance

Doctors under all circumstances need to respect their patients. In many situations patients know a lot less about their complications. Additionally, In such situations calmness by the Doctor helps lessen the patient’s nervousness. Moreover, In situations in which the patient knows a lot, reassurance by Doctors can alleviate the patients doubts.


Doctors among themselves and with patients need to be inspiring and positive. Moreover, irrespective of their experience and age Doctors should be untitled leaders. Additionally, Doctors need to be trustworthy to their patients, peers, and hospital and clinic staff.

Time Management Skills

Doctors have hectic lives. They need to manage patients, hospital and clinic paperwork. Time management is critical for success for a Doctor. However, the long working hours at the medical college ensure that Doctors have good time management skills.

Ease of Access

Patients never know when calamity strikes; therefore, Doctors need to be easy to reach. Moreover, when not at work Doctors should make arrangement to be accessed easily through communication mediums such as WhatsApp, Messenger, Text Messages among others. Moreover, at work Doctors need to be easily accessed through the phone at the clinic and at the hospital.