Facts of Vitamin K that you must Know

Vitamin K is a fat-soluble vitamin that plays a significant role in long life. It helps to form normal blood clots or coagulation. It is important for the heart, building healthy bones, and other important parts of the body. Furthermore, Vitamin K is a significant assistant to Vitamin D, that is a key player in overall health (read more about benefits of Vitamin D).

Vitamin K is a group of compounds and there are three types of this vitamin:

Vitamin K1

K1 Vitamin is also known as phylloquinone, which performs the functions of Vitamin K. It is naturally found in green vegetables. It directly goes to your liver and assists you to maintain healthy blood clotting.

Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 is also known as menaquinone; fermented foods produce this vitamin. It is an excellent form of Vitamin K. It goes directly to your blood vessel walls, bones, and tissues other than your liver.

Vitamin K3

Vitamin K3 is also known as menadione, and it is a synthetic form of vitamin.

The health benefits of Vit K are:

Regulates Blood Clotting

Controlling clotting of blood is the main health benefit of this vitamin. If you are injured, it helps to control blood coagulation by moving calcium from the body to the area of injury. Moreover, it contributes to reducing internal bleeding in the liver, malabsorption, and jaundice.

Protects your Heart

It assists keeping lower blood pressure by removing the build-up of various minerals in the arteries. It allows the heart to push the blood through the body freely. Moreover, sufficient consumption of this vitamin lowers the risk of stroke (Read More).

Healthy Bones

It helps to maintain healthy bones and it’s less prone to Osteoporosis. It declines the risk of fractures and improves bone density. Moreover, it reduces bone loss during the menopausal transition.

Healthy Skin

It plays a significant role in keeping your skin healthy and beautiful. This vitamin helps reduce swelling and speeds up skin healing. It helps minimize scars, stretch marks and reduces inflammation. Additionally, it reduces dark circles under the eyes.

Food Sources

The natural food sources are Green Leafy Vegetables, Beans, and Fermented Foods. Hidoc recommends consuming 90-120 micrograms (half cup of leafy vegetables) per day to live a longer life.

Vitamin K for Longer and Healthier Life!