Are you a Doctor? Are you a Human? Well, then, you need Sleep!

Doctors appear to believe they are not human and don’t have natural human needs. They sleep for fewer hours than required. Sleeping is not the Doctor’s cup of tea! Doctors adjust their sleep according to every possible situation and have their sleep in their control.

Why Doctors need sleep?

It’s true that every individual’s need for sleep is different. But to function our best we all need somewhere around 7-8 hours of sleep per night. Doctors are also human. They too feel stressed or get tired. As they help their patients recognize the importance of healthy sleep habits, Doctors should make sure they are meeting their own sleep needs.

The lack of sleep is not okay for the Doctor’s mental attention. Doctors have a responsibility of many lives. Extended working hours or shifts are linked to the risk of errors. Complications can increase with less sleep. However, Doctors admit that they have the skills to manage sleepless nights. They feel self-sacrifice is a part of their lifestyle. But even Doctors need to rest.

How long do Doctors sleep?

There are no particular number of hours of sleep that Doctors need. For Doctors, sleep is optional or unessential. They are almost always on call; hence they cannot expect more than a few hours of sleep. It also depends on the type of Doctor, for example, Intensivists get much less sleep than other Doctors.

Hospitals call Doctors anytime in the night to attend to emergencies. Doctors have to attend to these emergencies as it’s a matter of life and death. Additionally, even after a sleepless night, Doctors have to work the next day. They have to take care of their patients, visit them, and ensure that their patients are alright.

Sleep is an important indicator of overall health and well-being. It is important for a Doctor to sleep well as sleep boosts alertness and performance. Hence, getting 6-8 hours of sleep for a Doctor is necessary for their better performance.

Doctors sacrifice their sleep for saving someone’s life!