The best Post-Workout Food to Supercharge your Fitness!

Hitting the gym to exercise is just half the battle. Can’t seem to lose weight or put on more muscle? Are you too tired to go to the gym or exercise the next day?  Well, the issue isn’t your fitness routine, it’s what is on your plate. Eating quality food is important if you want to see gains.

You put a lot of effort into your exercises to perform better and reach your goals. The most common question asked is “What should I eat after a workout or exercise?”

Hidoc recommends the best post-workout foods to make your training effective.

Proteins and Carbohydrates

Your body uses stored energy throughout your workout or exercise. After the exercise, it is important to replace the lost nutrients. Hence, an intake of carbs and proteins is required immediately after the exercise. They give your muscles the ability to restock energy and help the tired muscles to rebuild and repair. Moreover, insulin secretion is improved when carbs and proteins are consumed. Furthermore, eating enough of carbs to regenerate glycogen is important for people who exercise regularly.

20 to 25 grams of protein after exercise is adequate to kickstart the entire muscle repair and growth process in your body. Moreover, consuming 20 grams of protein every 3 hours is an added advantage for building muscle post exercise.


Fat is not that bad. Many people feel that consuming fats after exercise slows down digestion and constrains the absorption of nutrients. In addition, consuming fats after workouts won’t reduce the benefits of the exercise, but having them in a limited amount is a good idea.

Foods to eat after exercise:



  • Yogurt (Read More)
  • Cheese
  • Protein Bars
  • Tuna


  • Nuts
  • Nut Butters

Consuming the correct food after exercise helps you to build your muscle’s protein and energy stores. Moreover, it also accelerates the growth of new tissue.

Drink Plenty of Water

It is important to drink enough water after your exercise. When you are properly hydrated, your body gains maximum results. Moreover, during exercise, you lose water and electrolytes through sweat. Also, drinking enough water replaces the lost water and electrolytes during the exercise.

Furthermore, eating the correct amount of carbohydrates and proteins speeds up recovery and boosts performance during the next workout. Besides, replacing the lost water and electrolytes helps you exploit the benefits of your exercise.

The timing of post-workout food

Hidoc recommends eating your post-workout food within 45 minutes of exercising. However, this period can be extended a bit longer, depending on the timing of your pre-workout food.

Regular Exercise and Healthy Eating leads to Awesome Fitness!