Does Drinking Warm Water Make you Lose Weight?

Do you desperately want to lose weight but feel lazy or lack time to exercise? Have you ever wondered if there is any easy trick that can help you lose weight, without costing much? Well, looks like finally there is a solution to your problems! Drinking warm water is a simple method to jump-start and aid weight loss.

Though exercise makes you stronger and increases your metabolism, your eating habits can have a greater impact on your waistline.

It is believed that drinking warm water improves metabolism and aids in weight loss.

Hard to believe, isn’t it? However, it’s worth a try. 

Burns Calories

Warm water breaks down fat deposits in the body and assists in weight loss. A well-hydrated body aids in the proper working of the muscles and organs, boosting metabolic activity, thus allowing calories to burn faster.

Reduces Hunger

Intake of warm water in the morning restricts hunger, hydrates the body and leaves the stomach feeling full compared to cold water. If you drink hot water before your meals, you will feel full faster and thus end up eating less.

Curbs Appetite

It is advised to drink it 30 minutes before any meal on a regular basis, which helps control hunger. It is believed that warm water can help avoid overeating, and the intake of calories also reduces by almost 10%-13%. Moreover, drinking warm water just before breakfast, promotes our chances of consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

Warm water flavoring

Drinking it plain can be boring, and your taste buds may not like it. There are few ways to naturally flavor your warm water so that it tastes good without harming your body. You can add flavors such as honey, lemon, ginger, lime, lemon grass or tulsi leaves.

Recommended Intake

The amount of water one should drink depends on numerous factors such as age, activity levels, weather, and diet. Preferably drink approximately 500 ml of warm or hot water, 30 minutes before a meal to lose weight.

Lose Weight, Feel Great!