Shape up with a low-calorie diet!

Are you trying to cut back, get in shape, or simply eat healthy? Well, you are in the right place. Start limiting your calories; this doesn’t mean giving up on calories but making more sensible choices. In typical low-calorie diets, you usually get about 800 to 1500 calories per day. Moreover, the actual amount of calories you need in a day depends on your age, gender and the level of physical activity in your day to day life.

A low-calorie diet means good health, but ensure you don’t end up dropping extra weight or become deficient. Remember that going on a low-calorie diet cannot be a long-term solution. Furthermore, it can help you in reaching your goal, but thereafter you will have to make lifestyle changes and start eating healthy.

Tips to follow a low-calorie diet:

Following a low-calorie diet may appear depressing and tough. But it’s not so bad if you are prepared with a plan. Here are some tips:

  • The first step is to regulate how many calories you consume every day. Determine the amount of calories you are consuming daily and then gradually reduce 100-200 calories to reach your goal.
  • To count calories, you will want to know the amount of food you are eating. Use the kitchen scales and measuring cups to measure your servings. Moreover, remember to measure your soft drinks or canned juice, as they may contain calories too.
  • Reduce your oils, ghee, and sugar intake. Sugar is a big problem (Read more about Sugar)
  • Since you are reducing your calorie intake, eat nutrient packed foods and avoid junk food. Increase your intake of fruits and vegetables.
  • A low-calorie diet has no place for junk food, but you may allow yourself some of your favorite treats sometimes. You should choose healthier treats such as dark chocolates, instead of junk food. Additionally, dark chocolates contain antioxidants that are good for you.
  • When your weight goes down, your calorie needs decrease, and you will need to adjust your calorie intake till you reach a healthy weight. Moreover, if your BMI gets too low, you need to increase your calorie intake a bit.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water contains no calories, and your body needs fluids. Use lemon or lime slices for adding some flavor.
  • Increasing your physical activity is vital for better health.

We have got you some easy and delicious recipes that are low in calories but high on taste.


Dhokla is a famous snack originating in Gujarat, that is now loved throughout the country. It is a steamed snack made of a batter of Bengal gram flour, yogurt, semolina, lime juice, and some baking powder. The oil content is low as it is steamed and not fried. Moreover, it is delicious and fulfilling. (Read recipe here)

Hot and Sour Soup

This spicy soup is low in calories and full of flavours. It is a very healthy soup with vegetables such as carrots, cabbage, mushrooms, and bean sprouts. (Read recipe here)

Oats Idli

Idlis are breakfast favourites throughout India and even in other countries that love Indian cuisine. You can prepare idlis using a batter of oats and semolina and steam it in an idli steamer. These idlis are packed with fiber and low in calories. They can be served with chutney or sambhar. It is an ideal snack for everyone. (Read recipe here)

Sprouts Salad

This salad is a favourite among people, trying to manage their weight. Sprouts salad consists of sprouted moong beans, onions, chillies, potatoes, tomatoes, cucumber, and carrots. The salad is topped with lemon juice, coriander, and little chat masala. Sprouts are loaded with protein, antioxidants, and other vitamins and are low in calories. (Read recipe here)

Khakra Canapes

A delightful snack that won’t make you feel guilty for enjoying. Crisp khakras are topped with potatoes, onions, and homemade chutneys. (Read recipe here)

Raw Papaya Salad

Raw papaya is full of enzymes that aids in better digestion. It is packed with necessary nutrients such as potassium, magnesium, and Vitamin A, C, and E. This sweet and sour salad is a perfect delight. (Read recipe here)

Ragi Dosa

Ragi Dosa is a modified dosa of the popular South India Dosa. It is made from ragi (finger millet). The batter is a mixture of ragi flour, rice flour, yogurt, water, and spices. Moreover, you can add onion and coriander to improve the complete taste. This snack is a low-fat meal and most of the fats are unsaturated making it even more healthier snack.  (Read recipe here)

Cucumber Raita

Cucumber raita is a quick and appetizing complement to your lunch or dinner. Moreover, it can also be consumed as a light snack. It is made of curd, spices such as salt, curry leaf powder, mint powder, a little green chili paste and roasted cumin. This snack contains few calories and is loaded with protein and calcium. Additionally, you can also replace the cucumber with finely chopped raw vegetables. (Read recipe here)

A low-calorie diet. Eat right, Stay Fit!