Why should you avoid Soft Drinks at all costs?

Soft Drinks are carbonated beverages. They are also known as cold drinks, soda, pop, or tonic. Cold drinks are usually full of sugar, and chemicals.

They provide negligible nutritional value. Regular consumption of these drinks is not healthy and can lead to casualties.

Reasons to avoid regular consumption of Soft Drinks:

Increases Diabetes Risk

Sweeteners and Caramel colouring present in these drinks decreases insulin sensitivity that raises blood glucose levels that can increase the risk of Diabetes. Drinking Soft Drinks adds calories to the diet that further increases the risk of Diabetes. A single can of these drinks contains almost 10 teaspoons of sugar that directly leads to Diabetes.

Tooth Decay

These beverages are high in sugar that results in tooth decay. Acid is produced in the mouth when bacteria and sugar are mixed, that causes plaque on the teeth and gums leading to cavities.

Obesity and Heart Disease

Regular consumption increases body mass and leads to obesity. Obesity can cause health problems such as Heart Disease, Cancer and Diabetes. These beverages slowly and steadily increase the risk of heart disease and stroke.

Artificial Sweeteners

Many Zero Calorie Soft Drinks use aspartame (artificial sweetener) instead of sugar that can be more harmful. Consuming aspartame causes various health problems such as brain tumour, diabetes, and emotional disorders.

Healthier alternatives:

Hidoc recommends avoiding all Soft Drinks. Instead Hidoc recommends a person can choose to drink fruit juices that are available in fresh and packaged form.

Moreover, in most cases they are cheaper and easily available than Soft Drinks.

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