How EMR is buring out Doctors?

A recent report mentions that one of the most important reasons Doctor’s feel burnt out is because of the excess use of Electronic Medical Records (EMR).

Any productivity tool that is implemented either improves productivity by saving time. Furthermore, the increase in productivity results in increasing the Doctor’s free time or assists Doctors to see more patients in the same time.

However, the report suggests otherwise. Doctors have cited EMR to be the number one factor resulting in burnouts and the most important reason for lack of personal care given to patients. The EMR systems have consume too much time, prioritize billing over patient care, and too often focus on recordkeeping compared to patient’s in front of the Doctor.

Additionally, doctors have cited search engines to be more effective in treating patients compared to EMR systems. Furthermore, doctors have cited EMR’s usage requires an assistant present at all time; therefore, the systems may increase productivity but surely increase costs.

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