Important steps to take during Flooding

Each year multiple areas across the world are affected due to flooding. CDC recommends a to do list of precautions during flooding.

The list includes the following set of tasks:

  • Gather emergency supplies
  • Check the news or radio for updates
  • Consider taking immunization else have records with you about your latest shot
  • Fill bathtubs, gallons, buckets, jars and other equipment to have clean supply of water
  • Bring into your house outdoor possessions or tie them securely
  • If evacuation is necessary then turn off all utilities and power supplies
  • Leave areas subjected to flooding and move to safe zone or rescue zone

Along with these a few things Hidoc recommends are

  • Charge all your electronic equipment
  • Have ample food that can go weeks at home
  • Postpone all office meetings
  • Lock your cars and tie them by a rope to the wall
  • Have multiple set of clothes ready with you
  • Avoid drinking dirty flood water
  • Move to the highest point in your apartment building or roof of your home

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