Are you addicted to your Cell phone?

In today’s fast-moving and globalized world, it is almost impossible to imagine our day to day life without cell phones (Mobile Phone). Smartphones allow us to stay connected, organized, entertained, track what we eat, our exercise goals, and our sleep patterns. Moreover, these mini computers have removed our requirement for alarm clocks, address books, notepads, and cameras. Though we may see lots of benefits of using a cell phone, there are some harmful health effects, that may be caused by the excessive use of cell phones. Using your Cell phone nowadays is an addiction encompassing multiple adverse effects.

Let’s have a look at them below.


Having a cell phone diverts people to spend all day talking or texting, instead of doing anything productive. People addicted to their gadgets are more prone to stress and fatigue!


People respond to calls, and text while driving, without realizing that it can cost them their lives. Moreover, several accidents daily on the roads have proved that mobile is a severe cause of distraction while driving!


Mobile phones not only provide a constant avenue for communication but they interrupt at the most inconvenient of times.  The inconvenience can cause an adverse impact of oneself when in an important meeting or seminar!


People are completely disinterested in family time and are busy messaging on their Mobile phones. Cell phones dehumanize the dynamics of human contact. Moreover, mobile addicts may not know how to interact in real life anymore, preferring to stay online always!


The greasy, oily residue on your cell-phone after a day’s use contains several disease-prone germs. Responding to messages at rapid speed can cause pain and inflammation of your joints. Screens on mobile devices tend to be smaller, which strains your eyes while reading messages. Lastly, the radiations from the cell phone can cause an adverse effect on your heart.

So next time be careful when you use your cell phones!