Kolkata Doctors complain about Clay Model Dressing in White Apron

Based on a report in The Times of India and Firstpost, a clay model like a doctor and taking money in the crowd puller Mohammed Ali Park Durga Puja pandal has triggered objections from the medical community warning the organizers to put up a notice that the model represents ‘fake doctors’ only.

The organizer, Bipin Ganatra said, Fake doctors, are a reality in Bengal. We believe doctors with our lives and this is what we get in return! Through our Puja, we want to hold up a mirror to people. Moreover, the Puja committee chairman Dinesh Bajaj said, we have put up a notice board in front of the model that reads Hatred for fake doctors who are like demons and respect for the real doctors.

Indian Medical Association (IMA) member Dr. Sajal Biswas said, such a model will make the wrong impression about physicians who share an exclusive, human attachment with patients. We wish the model is removed and necessary action taken.

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