Center forces Amount Capping on Coronary Stents

Based on a report in The Economic Times, Healthworld, regardless of government’s capping on coronary stents pricing the cost of angioplasties has remained the same, signifying that the benefit was not passed on to patients by hospitals.

A patient was charged Rs 2.92 lakh for the procedure in a well-known heart center in Delhi. Price of the stent was just Rs 62,000, and the remaining amount of Rs 2.29 lakh was charged in the name of the procedure and miscellaneous expenditures.

In February this year, the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) had decreased prices of coronary stents by up to 85 percent, restraining them at Rs 7,260 for bare metal ones and Rs 29,600 for the drug-eluting variety, giving a significant relief to patients. Drug pricing regulator NPPA ruled out that NPPA will resume the prices of coronary stents in February 2018 considering all the problems no mid-term revision in prices before that.

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