The Meditation Diet: What to Eat for Mindfulness?

The Meditation Diet: What to Eat for Mindfulness?

Our body is like an instrument that needs daily tuning, to play perfect music for life. For playing excellent music, the key has to be exemplary. Similarly, for high-quality meditation, light and healthy food are necessary.

Would you have ever thought that food could be the secret to deeper meditation? Well yes, food not only sustains the body, but can also disturb the mind, and its alertness and mindfulness. Specific foods make it easier to meditate.

In Yogic traditions, food is classified as:


Tamasic diet includes meat, fish, poultry, mushrooms, alcoholic beverages, and tobacco. These foods cause idleness in the mind and body, an absence of energy, and drowsiness. Moreover, such food generates impure and annoyed thoughts.


Rajasic food includes garlic, onion, spicy foods, chocolates, tea, coffee, colas, etc. These foods excite the mind making it hyperactive. Such food, therefore, leads to restlessness, anxiety or distress and uncontrollable thoughts.


Sattvic food includes freshly cooked food, fresh fruits, and vegetables, whole grains, legumes, milk, juices, and honey. These foods help to cultivate peace of mind, purity, creativity, and clarity of awareness. Such food assists in staying healthy and energetic throughout the day.

Foods to Consider for Meditation

It is best to avoid all Tamasic or Rajasic food before you start meditating. It is recommended to mostly consume Sattvic food that assists your meditation and encourages a peaceful mental attitude. Additionally, meditation foods such as fresh vegetables and fruits, legumes, millets, and whole grains also give you plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber that benefits your digestive system.

This simple change in your food habits, helps you to have a healthy and balanced life. Moreover, it also contributes in experiencing deeper meditation. Choose your food intelligently and make way for a delightful meditative experience. A healthy body and peaceful mind help us meditate better and more deeply.