Medical Screening every Man should have

Medical Screening every Man should have

When it comes to cars, you are aware of when to change the oil, replace the tires, and have the front end aligned. But you may not be as careful about caring for your body as you are about your car. The body needs regular maintenance, even if you feel fine. Medical screening tests are the best way to keep on top of your health. Men have always seemed hesitant to pay a visit to the doctor, however getting a regular physical test, or checkup, is a sure way to prevent health problems before they develop into serious health issues. Depending on age, family history, and lifestyle aspects, people need various tests at different times in their lives.

Here is a list of medical checkups for all men:


With today’s diet and lifestyle, your regular doctor checkup should consist of a cholesterol level test. Cholesterol is a kind of fatty protein in your blood that can build up in your arteries. There are two kinds of cholesterol: HDL, or high-density lipoproteins, and LDL, or low-density lipoproteins. HDL is good and protects against heart disease, while LDL is bad and causes a risk to your heart. Cholesterol levels must be tested once in every 5 years from the age of 20. Moreover, if you have a high cholesterol level or if you have heart disorder or particular other medical ailments, then you would need to have it checked more often. Controlling your cholesterol can add years to your life.

Blood pressure

Blood pressure is a silent killer. There are no signs of high blood pressure, but it can damage your heart, lungs, brain, kidneys, and blood vessels. Checking your blood pressure often is one of the most significant things you can do to protect your current and future health. Have your blood pressure examined once a year at any age. Your doctor will recommend every six months if readings are high or if you’re taking medicine to control hypertension. Moreover, if you have diabetes, heart disease, kidney problems, or certain other disorders, you may require having your blood pressure checked more often. (read more about causes and symptoms of high blood pressure)


Untreated diabetes can damage your health, causing heart disease, kidney failure, and blindness. Get a fasting blood sugar test at least once every three years and take control of diabetes early. At age 45 if you have no risk factors or signs. If you are extremely overweight, have high blood pressure, or have other risk factors for diabetes, such as family history of the disease, it’s a good idea to get tested earlier.


A dental test, also called an intra-oral examination, contains a check of your teeth and surrounding tissues of the oral cavity such as all surfaces of the tongue, the salivary glands and ducts, and the lymph nodes of the neck. Regular dental examinations are significant and help you to maintain a healthy mouth. In addition to brushing and flossing, visit the dentist every six months for a cleaning and whole checkup.


It is significant for men to have eye tests on a regular basis to check for particular problems. Whether you have difficulties seeing at a distance or close up, you need regular eye tests as you age to check the complete health of your eyes. Be sure to get your eyes examined regularly every 2 to 4 years between the ages of 18 and 61. Moreover, have an eye checkup more often if you have diabetes.

Prostate cancer

Prostate cancer is one of the most common forms of cancer, affecting one in six men. At the age of 50, most men should start checking for prostate cancer every year. Checking may start at an earlier age for those with higher risk, such as being African-American or having a family history of prostate cancer.


Colon cancer is cancer of the lower part of the intestines, is treatable in 90 percent of all cases as long as it’s found early. Most men should be examined for colon cancer starting at age 50, but those with a family history of the disease should get this test done at 40 itself. If normal, then it can be repeated in 10 years. Else it may be essential to repeat the procedure earlier. (read more about symptoms and risk factors of colon cancer)


Though testicular cancer is rare, it’s the most common type of cancer in younger men, ages 15 to 34. It is recommended to do a self-exam every month for testicular cancer. If you do feel a lump, inform to your doctor without delay.

Full physical exam

A repetitive yearly physical exam is a good time to check with your primary doctor about your health and preventive screening. It is also the time to give updates on your medical history and take a detailed all-over exam. Your height, weight, and body mass index (BMI) should be checked at every test.

These tests can help you stay healthy and add years to your life. By giving you a notice that you have an illness that puts you at risk of a more severe disease, regular tests can allow you to make changes in your diet, exercise, and other habits to reduce your risks. It is easier and cheap to prevent disease than to try to treat it after years of damage has set in.

Take care of your body. It’s the only place you have to live in!

Disclaimer: All material on is provided for informational purposes only and should not be taken as a substitute for professional medical or health advice. Always seek the advice of your physician for any questions regarding your symptoms or medical condition and before taking any home remedies or supplements.