Merry Christmas! A Few Healthy and Delicious Snacks for the Holidays!

Merry Christmas! A Few Healthy and Delicious Snacks for the Holidays!

Christmas has arrived, and people are getting excited. Well, it is normal to get excited but be alert how you go about the Christmas period. This is the time when the majority people indulge in many unhealthy activities that always have negative impacts on their overall well-being.

Gumdrops, candy sticks, figgy pudding and sugar plums are the delicious sweets that come to mind when thinking about the Christmas season, but you have worries of your own? You have been thoroughly following your weight loss plan, but with the approaching festivities, your plan may go out of the window.

But, thanks to these easy and delicious snacks, you can enjoy the best flavors and dishes of the Christmas festival without loading on the pounds. Here are few healthy Christmas snacks ideas that you, your families and friends can enjoy as you celebrate the festival:

Red velvet beet cupcakes (Click here to view the recipe)

Well-designed and rich, this super moist pillow of chocolate cake gets its color and feel from the bright red, natural sweet beet. There’s nothing unnatural about this dramatically hued Christmas snack covered in a thick cloud of creamy white icing. Paste the tender beetroot with buttermilk and vanilla to create a delicious cream that not only adds a light, smooth texture to the cupcake but also allows you to use less sugar, oil, and butter in the batter, saving fat and lot of calories. You just can’t beet it.

Santa chocolate brownies (Click here to view the recipe)

Your kids are surely going to love this yummy and healthy chocolate brownie. Moreover, at 230 calories your guests will also enjoy eating these brownies. These tasty strawberry Santa chocolate brownies are great for any Christmas gathering or party.

Kabobs (Click here to view the recipe)

Kabobs are made from grapes, banana, and strawberry with an optional marshmallow to top. This also makes for a great low-sugar treat to serve at parties, no need for artificial food coloring or excessively sugar-filled cookies and cupcakes, just serve these cute little Grinch kabobs!

Candy cane (Click here to view the recipe)

Another extremely simple idea that you can prepare in seconds. This candy cane, prepared from banana and strawberry, tastes healthier than the hard candy version and you don’t have to pick bits of candy out your teeth for the hour after eating it! Simply cut banana and several strawberries and place together to form candy cane stripes. Cut the fruit into a slice to create the curve.

Grape Christmas trees (Click here to view the recipe)

Green grapes are the great fruit for turning into Christmas trees. The bonus with this snack is that the grapes are cut in half making them safe to eat for little ones.

Christmas bliss balls (Click here to view the recipe)

Not only can you make these cute Christmas bliss balls without using the oven, but they are also a fantastic, weight loss friendly healthy sweet treat. These luscious little bites blend protein-rich nuts with oats and get their sweetness from soft, juicy dates. All that goodness mixed makes a fantastic Christmas treat.

Spinach puffs (Click here to view the recipe)

Wow, your guests for your brunch with these Spinach puffs. Serve with a crunchy salad for an easy yet impressive dish with little effort. These stuffed puffed pastries are best to eat during Christmas time.

We hope you enjoy making these creative and healthy Christmas treats. Eat healthily and stay healthy this Christmas.

Wish you all a very Healthy & Merry Christmas from Hidoc!

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