What are Probiotics? Which is the Best one for you?

What are Probiotics? Which is the Best one for you?

Probiotics have been a part of human culture for years in some of our favorite foods like yogurt. More recently, they have risen in popularity as a new health trend as more people discover their benefits.

Some sources say that probiotics may even help in weight loss efforts. Whatever the case, probiotics are here to stay as a part of popular foods and a new wave of supplements. Many who choose to add probiotics to their routine find it hard to pick what formula works best.

Recently, the team at Reviews.com discovered that there are a few very important questions that may help:

What are Probiotics?

Our digestive systems are home to trillions of bacteria, much of which is “friendly” to our bodies. When the balance of good bacteria and bad is off, digestive issues ensue. Probiotics introduce additional good bacteria to your system to push out the bad, as the friendly bacteria will compete for resources and space.

What is your End Goal?

Many Probiotics are a blend of different bacteria, none of which are the “best” by themselves. In fact, studies show that bacteria work most efficiently as a team, so look for a Probiotic that includes a good assortment of strains. While none of these alone are the best, a few blends are better at helping specific issues than others.

You can check out the Strain Variety Graphic here

How much Bacteria Do you Need?

Not all Probiotic supplements are created equal. Probiotics are used to out-compete the bad bacteria in your system, so you want to ensure you are taking enough to experience their benefits.

Manufacturers use a unit called a CFU as a way to track and talk about how much bacteria is in their supplements. Additionally, look for a formula that has at least 1 billion CFUs. You will find options with far less than this, and while they are not necessarily ineffective, 1 billion is the mark at which most people will reap the benefits.

Formulas with far more than 1 billion may not be “super-effective”. However, they may be used under doctor recommendation for people with specific digestive system disorders. Talk with your healthcare provider if you have questions about how much you should be taking.

Furthermore, the choice of which Probiotic is best will come down to your preferences, budget, and unique digestive health needs. Starting with these questions will help guide you toward a great option.

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