Healthcare News Today Features AI Tool Reduces Risk of COVID-19

Healthcare news today features a machine-learning technology that has been developed to predict which patients are most likely to develop COVID-19. The technology has been developed by a team of researchers at Imperial College London and the Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) unit at Imperial College Healthcare NHS Trust.

However, according to estimates, 12–15% of all COVID-19 cases in healthcare settings and as much as 16.2% during the peak waves of the outbreak occurred after a patient was admitted to the hospital.

Furthermore, the technology has been taught to recognize risk variables for COVID-19 infections, such as age, gender, and social contact with other infected individuals.

Although, based on patient beds allotment and patients who shared the same ward researchers merged data into a forecasting system to help identify which patients are most likely to test positive for COVID-19. The framework provided a predicted risk score between 0 and 1.

Therefore, the technology’s initial study was conducted using information from 51,157 patients during the first COVID-19 waves. The technology assisted in identifying patients who were most at risk of acquiring COVID-19 in medical facilities.

Surprisingly, 87% accuracy was achieved by this machine learning system.

Simultaneously, the researchers aim to develop this framework to include the COVID-19 omicron strain.

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