Healthcare trends 2022: China stares at another COVID-19 crisis; can India stay immune?

Healthcare trends 2022

Healthcare trends 2022: Even after Three years of COVID-19 outbreak in China, the country seems to be at its worst.  Millions of the citizens are exposed to the infection and a huge number is at the risk. Reports of hospitals of several Chinese cities depicts that hospitals are overwhelmed with patients and morgues are filled with bodies of COVID patients.

Moreover, mathematical models predicts even worse situation in China in the next 3 months depending on the current scenario. About 800 million infections and 0.5 -2 million deaths can occur in next 3 months in China.

Possible reasons associated:

According to the top virologist Dr Gagandeep Kang, China’s current situation is the result of the combination of four factors:

  • Less number of vaccinations of the most vulnerable group (90% of population with age >18 received two shots of vaccination)
  • Low penetration of the booster vaccines (50% of the population with age > 60 received booster jab)
  • Massive quarantines, stringent travel restrictions resulted in growing public pressure after almost three years
  • Hospitals are usually under pressure during winter because of other viral infections and the surge of COVID-19 have made it worse

However, India on the other hand has undergone three consecutive waves of COVID but is successful in lowering the number of infections to 3,559. Moreover, variants like BF.7 are highly transmissible and are expected to be present in India for a long time.

COVID updates in India

According to Dr Anurag Agrawal, India has much higher population immunity and it is expected that the majority of the population is already infected with Omicron. Additionally, a large fraction has both Delta and Omicron infections indicating India’s capability to fight against upcoming waves of COVID. 

Furthermore, Kang said a large vaccination programme of India has helped in fighting against the infection. Moreover, the presence of hybrid immunity adds an advantage to the Indians. Kang also added emergence of new variant can create a concern for the Indians.

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