Global Healthcare trends: WHO meets with Chinese officials on current COVID-19 situation

Global Healthcare trends

Global Healthcare trends: A meeting took place on 30 December between WHO and China. It focus on discussing the current situation of China due to the surge in COVID-19 cases.

The high-level officials of China’s National Health Commission and the National Disease Control and Prevention Administration briefed WHO about the strategy and actions China has taken in the areas of epidemiology, monitoring of variants, vaccination, clinical care, communication and R&D.

In response to it, WHO asked for sharing specific and real-time data on the epidemiological situation including hospitalizations, intensive care unit (ICU) admissions and deaths. Further, data on vaccinations delivered and vaccination status, especially in vulnerable people and those over 60 years old.

WHO called on China to strengthen their procedures of viral sequencing, clinical management and impact assessment. Moreover, WHO has also expressed willingness to provide support in these areas.

Chinese scientists are invited in WHO-led COVID-19 expert networks including the COVID-19 clinical management network. Furthermore, the scientists are also asked to present detailed data on viral sequencing on 3 January meeting. The meeting will be held by the Technical Advisory Group on SARS-CoV-2 Virus Evolution on 3 January.

Monitoring and the timely publication of data is recommended by WHO. This will help China and the global community to formulate risk assessments procedures and record the effective responses.

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