New Cancer Therapy: Whole-Tumor Cell Culture Can Predict Drug Response in Breast Cancer

New Cancer Therapy

New Cancer Therapy:

The recent research publication in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences has presented the concept of predicting breast cancer treatment responses through the proposed whole-tumor cell culture (WTC) model. 

Considering the variable patient-to-patient responses to antineoplastic compounds in breast cancer, Xinsong Chen proposed the model. Being a Ph.D., from Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, assessed the WTC ex vivo model for predicting drug response in breast cancer.

The researchers found that the model could be promising for all breast tumors with a high success rate (98 of 116). It can reassemble the parental tumors with the endogenous microenvironment.

Moreover, investigations on breast cancer therapies with WTCs provide strong clinical associations and predictive values. Furthermore, in a validation study with neoadjuvant treatment regimens, the correlation between WTC-based test results and patients’ clinical responses supported the accuracy of the model.

The WTC model allowed for personalised drug testing within 10 days even for small-sized tumors. Additionally, WTC testing can stratify patient groups for clinical trials associated with genomic and transcriptomic analyses. 

The preclinical model can have a significant impact on academic research and pharmaceutical drug development.

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