Young Adults Today Have a Higher Risk of a STROKE than Ever Before

According to multiple studies many more young people have a higher risk of strokes today than ever before due to increase in obesity, high cholesterol and higher blood pressure.

What type of Stroke?

The stroke that has and will most affected young people is the ischemic stroke that results due to a blockage that cuts of blood supply to the brain

Reasons behind such Strokes?

Related Risks

Related risks such as Diabetes and Hyper tension are resulting in higher strokes in young adults; therefore, such risk factors need to be identified and controlled at a young age.


Young adults that have been habituated to drugs such as Cocaine, Tobacco and Marijuana have a higher risk of strokes.


Young adults that have higher stress levels due to family or work, and poor intake of food leading to obesity have an advanced risk of strokes.

Delayed Healthcare

Delayed healthcare for adults in rural areas or underdeveloped suburbs results in deferred diagnosis that increases the risk of strokes.

Family History

If a close relative (parent, grandparent, brother or sister) has had a stroke, your risk to have a stroke is likely to be higher

What should you tell your Patients?

Eat vitamin rich foods such as fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, do not smoke drugs, keep a track of blood pressure, and visit the doctor regularly are suggestions doctors should provide their patients

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