5 Common Summer Illnesses

Summer brings with it vacations, and mangoes. However, due to the heat summer is prone to several illnesses such as sunstrokes, summer boils, summer allergies, swimmer’s ear’s, and food poisoning. We talk about the 5 most common diseases and the ways to cure them.


Sun stroke is one of the most serious Heat injuries. Sun strokes can cause damage to the brain, result in headaches, cause stomach upsets and result fatigue. Sun Stroke results due to long exposure in the sun and can lead to nausea, seizures, confusion and coughing.

Summer Boils

Boils in this season are extremely common. The boil results in hardening of the skin due to the germs from staphylococcal bacteria. Summer boils consequence due to Harsh heat weather, coupled with poor diet results in skin problem such as summer boils.

Summer Allergy

Hot and Humid summer weather brings with it rash in the form of congested sweat ducts with trapped perspiration under the skin. It results in itchiness and blisters. After a period, the rash fades away, but could result in infection or burns due to excessive heat exposure.

Swimmers Ear

Swimmers ear primarily results from swimming. It is due to water that is stuck from the outer ear to the head. Swimmers ear results due to bacteria entering your body through swimming. It can be cured with the help of ear drops.

Food Poisoning

Food poising is a result of stale and un-hygienic food. It primarily results from Bacteria in soil, air and water that spreads faster in the summer months due to temperatures that are conducive for bacteria to grow. Higher temperatures result in increased chemical reaction in the food resulting in food spoilage that can further lead to poisoning.

The best way to prevent heat strokes is to wear light weight, light coloured and loose fitting clothes; always keep hydrated; apply sunscreen whenever possible; and postpone outdoor activity. You can read our 2017 Summer Health Tips here.