5 Best Health Benefits of Muskmelon(Kharabooja)

Muskmelon is a juicy and pulpy fruit. It is also known as Cantaloupe. This fruit is best eaten in summer season. It is mild sugary and watery in taste.

Specific nutrients present in Muskmelon can benefit your health such as fighting Insomnia, assisting to quit Smoking, maintaining Healthy Pregnancy, curing Toothache, and preserving skin and hair.

Fights Insomnia

It contains a unique compound that relieves nerves and calms anxieties that helps insomniacs to get free of their sleeping disorders.

Assists to Quit Smoking

It is helpful for those who are trying to quit smoking. Minerals and nutrients present in this fruit helps the smoker to deal with nicotine withdrawal symptoms. Moreover, it helps the body to recover faster by refilling the lost Vitamin A of the body due to constant smoking.

Maintains Healthy Pregnancy

This fruit is rich in folic acids that prevent neural tube disorders in infants. Folic acids help prevent miscarriage and birth defects.

Cures Toothache

Muskmelon’s skin contains certain extracts that help in curing toothache. Rinsing your mouth with boiled muskmelon skin water is useful in treating toothache.

Preserves Skin and Hair

It is a good source of Vitamin A that is essential for the growth of skin and hair. Moreover, this fruit is rich in Vitamin C that is required for building and maintaining Collagen that provides structure to skin and hair.