Advice to Prevent Typhoid Fever

We talk about the ways in which we can Prevent Typhoid Fever that is spread by consuming contaminated food and water. Typhoid is common in the areas where there is poor sanitation, and lack of clean, treated water supply.

According to WHO around 21 million cases and 2,22,000 deaths occur annually worldwide due to Typhoid Fever. Although the disease is curable with antibiotics, it is important to take the precautions to avoid Typhoid Fever.

Hidoc recommends few steps to keep Typhoid Fever at bay:

Wash Hands

Washing hands regularly in hot and soapy water is the best way to control Typhoid Fever. Wash hands before eating or cooking food and after using the toilet. Hidoc recommended using the hand sanitizer if water is not available.

Avoid drinking Untreated Water

Drinking contaminated water results into Typhoid Fever. Drinking bottled or boiled water is safer than drinking uncarbonated water. Try not to gulp water while taking shower. Use clean or bottled water to brush your teeth. Moreover, prefer to order beverages without ice.

Prefer Cooked foods

Eat foods that are thoroughly cooked and served hot because the heat in foods helps to kill bacteria. Avoid eating stored food or food served at room temperature. Furthermore, avoid intake of raw vegetables and fruits as they are washed in unsafe water. Eat raw vegetables and fruits that can be peeled.

Avoid Street Foods

There is no assurance that the food served on the streets is safe. Avoid drinking or eating food sold by street vendors because it is difficult to maintain clean food on the street. In most situations, street food is contaminated food. Multiple cases have been reported in which people have fallen sick after eating food purchased from street vendors.

Prevent Infecting Others

If a person is suffering from Typhoid Fever, follow the steps below to keep others safe.

  • Take antibiotics given by doctors and complete the entire medicine course
  • Wash hands regularly because it results in avoiding an epidemic
  • Until completely cured avoid cooking food

Prevent Typhoid fever by a helpful mantra “Boil It, Cook it, and Peel it.”