Contact Lenses or Eye Glasses: Which is Better for you?

Whether you choose to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses for vision correction mostly depends on personal preferences. Contact Lenses or Eye Glasses? There is no correct answer here as some people may not be able to wear contact lenses at all.

However, in all other ways, contact lenses are much better in every way for your eyes than eyeglasses.

Wider Images

Contact lenses comfortably fit the eye providing you a wider view and less disturbance and distortions compared to the friction caused by Eye Glasses.

Outdoor Activities

Contact lenses don’t get in the way of your outdoor games and physical exercise. Moreover, contact lenses are not affected by the outside environment such as weather, dust, and rain.

Lifestyle Flexibility

Contact Lenses give you the flexibility to choose colored clothes as per your choice. Normally, with your glasses your stuck wearing clothes that match the color of your frame.

No Cleaning

Contact lenses do not need frequent cleaning such as eyeglasses. The irregular cleaning and maintenance saves you from an eye infection and eye damage.

Clarity of Sight

Contact lenses provide full field clarity of vision wherever a person looks. Moreover, Contact lenses prevent distortions and reflections commonly observed with glasses.

Vision Damage

Contact lenses are never affected with water preventing any sight damage due to the rain. Furthermore, Contact lenses never steam up in warmer locations.

Nostril Pressure

Contact lenses do not put pressure on the upper nostril such as commonly seen with glasses. Therefore, Contact lenses can be worn for long hours without any strain.

Colored Options

Contact lenses come in various colors including rare colors such as teal blue, light brown, and grey. These colors provide an option to mix and match irrespective of an eye and face makeup.